Students With Disabilities

Ways To Improve The Sense Of Belonging In Students With Disabilities

Since of their specialness, students with disabilities frequently experience difficulties. This is hard for the students and the teachers, who must pay particular attention to them so that the special children do not feel excluded from the classroom. Even though they are different, special children should not feel isolated. As a result, we have a few options for improving the sense of belonging for kids with disabilities.

Feeling of belongingness through games

It is essential to treat normal children and children with disabilities equally to close the gap between them. As a result, some schools practice social inclusion and develop strategies to value children within the school walls.
The NGOs believe that distance and discrimination between the students can be eradicated by introducing physical activities and games. Physical barriers will be removed among children with disabilities as a result of the introduction of physical activities. This should be done to demonstrate that children with disabilities have the same opportunities as other students.

Enhance social interaction through field trips


Schools can organize field trips to encourage social interaction between students with and without disabilities. This will allow students of all types to interact with each other by engaging in games together. Although all children enjoy playing, they should not be left alone at once. As a result, workshops for ordinary students should be held to raise awareness and support, and improve social inclusion.

Grouping students with and without disabilities

Grouping one special kid with two non-disabled students can be an excellent method to get them to interact with one another. Grouping will help them to communicate better and learn about each other’s preferences. They can also participate in service projects collaboratively, which will enable them to form bonds with their peers while also helping the community.


By improving the school environment

Inclusion Matters’ programs have significantly influenced schools by ensuring that students with disabilities do not feel excluded. On the other hand, parents of ordinary students have played a more prominent role in this, asking teachers of special students to invite their parents to family gatherings and holidays to increase inclusion and establish a relationship between the parents, thus strengthening the school’s environment.

Final views

Final views

Students with disabilities encounter numerous problems throughout their lives. Therefore, to reduce discrimination, schools can provide opportunities for students to improve their relationships.
If properly implemented, social inclusion can have a long-term benefit on kids—this aids in developing the children’s interaction skills and their way of thinking.

In recent years, schools have taken initiatives to strengthen the relationship between typical students and students with disabilities. As a result, some students have dedicated time to learning sign languages to understand their peers better.

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