Comedy in Canada 2016

Thank you for spending the night with Reach for the Rainbow!

We had a great time, and we hope you did too! We are happy to report that this little gathering raised over $5,000 for our inclusive recreational programs for children with disabilities. We are so grateful for the talented individuals who helped make Comedy in Canada – Oh Canada! What Now? such a success this year.

Event co-chairs Catherine and David, our Hosts Vincenza and Pierre, our stars of the show Reach Mom Samantha, Emcee Liz and our partners in comedy Naomi, Matt, Deb and Colin – a wonderful group of truly passionate and compassionate people!

Read the Press Release here

Colin Mochrie, Matt Baram and Naomi Snieckus.
Colin Mochrie, Debra McGrath, Matt Baram and Naomi Snieckus (seated) Liz our Emcee (standing)
Matt Baram presents the autographed Director's Chairs to winner Rex Harrington.