Who We Are

“On behalf of all the children, thank you from our hearts – you’ve done so much for them”

Many of you may not know me. I am the Founder of Reach for the Rainbow, but more importantly the mother of two children. My youngest daughter Dove is developmentally disabled. She was the impetus behind the start of the charity. For the last 21 years, Camp Glen Mhor has been her home for a few weeks each summer. Let me tell you about Dove. She’s a beautiful girl, with a wonderful spirit, who engages everyone with her captivating smile. However, she can only walk if someone holds her hand. She can’t feed herself, dress herself, brush her teeth or comb her hair. She can’t tell me when she’s in pain or when she’s happy. Furthermore, she has life-threatening seizures on a daily basis, and I have come to accept the fact that there is always a possibly that she will not come back to me at the end of an episode. I share only because I want you to truly understand what Camp Glen Mhor has shown by stepping up and embracing Reach for the Rainbow’s partners in integration. I know they are there for us, as Reach for the Rainbow is there for them. Without our expertise, training and support they would not... Read More

What We Do

Since 1983, Reach for the Rainbow, a not-for-profit organization, has pioneered the integration of children and youth with disabilities into the mainstream of society through overnight, day and community recreation programs throughout Ontario. Our programs provide environments of inclusion for kids and youth while offering much needed respite for parents.

Reach for the Rainbow is an umbrella organization for all disabilities and works in partnership with other disability related charities. We are proud that our programs:

Provide a model for effective integration
Provide one to one trained support workers


Why It’s Critical

Working with a variety of Partners in Integration throughout the province of Ontario, Reach for the Rainbow provides integrated recreation, respite and outreach opportunities designed to engage the hearts and minds of all individuals. Our programs encourage environments for typical children and individuals to live, play, work and inspire themselves alongside children and youth with disabilities creating transformative experiences of belonging...


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